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Micro Plasma produces a beam of plasma
that does not cause the current to flow through the patient's body while performing the procedure.

The device delivers a controlled and targeted plasma beam using ionizing gases contained in the air. A small electric arc is capable of controlled epidermis sublimation and skin tightening. Plasma doesn’t cause inflammation, bleeding or necrosis of the surrounding tissues, because it acts only at

the boundary with the dermis stratum basale. The main indication for the treatment is lifting the eye area (non-invasive blepharoplasty), lifting the lower part of the face, reducing wrinkles around eyes and mouth (so-called smoker wrinkles), as well as removing skin lesions. rn

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Removes skin lesions
without scarring

  • Niewielki rozmiar i wygodna walizka idealnie sprawdzi się z gabinecie mobilnym
  • Urządzenie w pełni bezprzewodowe (zasilanie akumulatorowe)
  • Intuicyjna obsługa
  • Kolorowy wyświetlacz OLED
  • Ergonomiczny kształt
  • 9 stopniowa regulacja mocy
  • 6 poziomowy system zabezpieczeń
  • System Magclick mocujący elektrodę w głowicy
  • Magnetyczne złącze ładowania
  • Gwarancja producenta 30 miesięcy

Multi-Level Guard

protects deeper layers of the skin thanks to the multilevel security system

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Quick Charge USB

system allows for rapid charging via USB 2.0 interface

Excellent service
based on experience

  • Durable case
  • The newest technology
  • 30 month warranty

Content of the kit

  • MicroPlasma device
  • Quick Charge USB 2.0
  • Aluminium case
  • Treatment electrodes
  • Support stand

of the device

zastosowanie microplasma efekty

Free, certified training
in the price of the device

  • The training is conducted by an experienced trainer.
  • At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate confirming their qualifications to operate the device.
  • We provide all necessary training and advertising materials: instruction manual, treatment questionnaire and full-size photos.
  • Post-training care - after the training you will receive the trainer's contact details. The trainer is at your disposal in case of any doubts concerning the procedure. rn
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we create innovation

Medika tworzy innowacyjne rozwiązania, nowoczesne technologie oraz gwarantuję wysoką jakość wykonania. Cieszymy się, że klienci darzą nas zaufaniem, a marka została wielokrotnie nagrodzona w różnych plebiscytach Polsce i na świecie.

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