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It gives the feeling of hydrated skin
and its radiant appearance

rnOxygen infusion combines pure oxygen with a gentle massage thanks to the pressure of OXY JET. Oxygen is delivered into the deepest skin layers together with a carefully selected ampule, which allows adjusting the treatment to the individual needs of a client. In this way, the final effect is even more visible. rn

The skin is hydrated, its color is improved, inflammation and redness are reduced. Oxygen nourishes skin giving lifting effect and making wrinkles less noticeable. Under the influence of the pressure produced by the device, the epidermis is gently peeled off. The treatment is very pleasant for the clients, especially on hot days.

Medika basic - a photo of a product

quality of work.

  • zabieg nieinwazyjny, oparty na technologii hiperbarycznego tlenu
  • głębokie nawilżenie skóry
  • poprawa kolorytu skóry
  • odżywiona skóra
  • efekt odmłodzenia

Excellent service
based on experience

  • Ergonomic case
  • Intuitive use
  • 30 month warranty

Content of the kit

  • Device
  • Head
  • Silicone wire
  • Power cable
  • User manual with warranty card

Technical specifications of the


15.5 kg

Measurements [cm]


Input power

400 VA

Output pressure

40-70 kPa


0.5-5 l/min

Oxygen concentration


Noise level

≤48dB (A)

Manufacturer's warranty

30 months


oxyjet zastosowanie

Take a look
at the treatment

We have prepared a presentation to visualize the treatment and professional application of Medika devices.

Free, certified training
in the price of the device

  • The training is conducted by an experienced trainer.
  • At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate confirming their qualifications to operate the device.
  • We provide all necessary training and advertising materials: instruction manual, treatment questionnaire and full-size photos. rn
  • Post-training care - after the training you will receive the trainer's contact details. The trainer is at your disposal in case of any doubts concerning the procedure. rn
zdjęcie ze szkolenia maxmedik

we create innovation

Medika tworzy innowacyjne rozwiązania, nowoczesne technologie oraz gwarantuję wysoką jakość wykonania. Cieszymy się, że klienci darzą nas zaufaniem, a marka została wielokrotnie nagrodzona w różnych plebiscytach Polsce i na świecie.

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