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Thermcell is the best method for the
removal of broken capillaries

The problem of dilated capillaries affects many people. Red spots on the skin, telangiectasias around the nose and unexpected erythema on the cheeks are all signs of couperosis. Treatments that help eliminate broken or dilated capillaries are currently one of the most popular treatments performed in esthetic medicine centers.

Czym tak naprawdę są rozszerzone naczynka?

Teleangiectasias (cuperosa), which are commonly called "spider veins", involve dilatation of small blood vessels including arterioles, veins and capillaries located directly under the skin. Arterial vessels are red and veins are blue. Teleangiectasias can be primary or acquired. Primary teleangiectasia is associated with congenital dysfunctions of skin or internal organs. It is acquired as a result of skin and systemic diseases, as well as external factors or used drugs.

Schemat działania

Thermcell works on the principle of thermolysis which involves decomposition of chemical compounds by heat. Thermcell is a perfect method for the removal of dilated capillaries. High-frequency current that flows through the vessel coagulates hemoglobin and permanently destroys the vessel. This is a fast, bloodless, painless and, most importantly, very effective treatment.

ARC plasma - a photo of a product


  • Precyzja i bezpieczeństwo – urządzenie działa wyłącznie na okolice zabiegowe, urządzenie nie uszkadza okolicznych tkanek
  • Pełna kontrola intensywności impulsów
  • Zabieg bezinwazyjny
  • Jednorazowe igły typu Balette
  • Tryby pracy: ciągły lub impulsowy


Treatment using alternating current for high-frequency and lowrnintensity


Treatment using direct (galvanic) current


Method using both activity galvanic current and alternatingrncurrent

Excellent service
based on experience

  • Touch screen panel control
  • Menu in Polish
  • Case made of antibacterial Corian®

Content of the kit

  • Device
  • Treatment head
  • Treatment electrode - 10 items
  • Power cable
  • User manual with warranty card

Technical specifications of the


4 kg

Measurements [cm]


Output power

15 W


32 MHz

Automatic mode

continuous/ pulsed



Manufacturer's warranty

30 months

Take a look
at the treatment

We have prepared a presentation to visualize the treatment and professional application of Medika devices.

Free, certified training
in the price of the device

  • The training is conducted by an experienced trainer.
  • At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate confirming their qualifications to operate the device.
  • We provide all necessary training and advertising materials: instruction manual, treatment questionnaire and full-size photos.
  • Post-training care - after the training you will receive the trainer's contact details. The trainer is at your disposal in case of any doubts concerning the procedure.
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