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in a nutshell

Hydrogen is the smallest element that, due to its low mass, is able to penetrate deep into the skin's structures, up to the level of cells. Most importantly, active hydrogen can selectively neutralize free radicals!

Paradoxically, the force that allows free hydroxyl radicals to damage cells allows them to easily combine with other molecules.

Unstable free oxygen radicals can damage cells, but the same energy allows them to easily combine with other molecules. In the cells active hydrogen can combine with the most reactive and harmful free radicals. As a result of a simple reaction, free oxygen radicals are converted to water. Hydrogen neutralizes harmful free radicals, which stops skin-ageing processes at the cellular level. rn


In Hydrogen Peel Medika hydrogen is produced by a special generator and transported to the skin with a high-pressure water jet. This gently exfoliates the skin and thoroughly cleanses the pores. Thanks to the technology of simultaneous injection and discharge, the skin is dry and refreshed after the treatment.

However, hydrogen cleansing has many more benefits. Every day, our skin is exposed to sunlight, chemicals and other pollutants. All of these factors, as well as many others, lead to the formation of free oxygen radicals that cause skin ageing and indirectly lead to collagen fibers damage or pigmentation changes. By providing active hydrogen, all these processes are neutralised and free oxygen radicals, combined with hydrogen molecules, are conversed into water.

Hydrogen - a photo of a product

of damaged cells

  • Generator wodoru
  • Licznik wytworzonego wodoru
  • Automatyczny system start/stop
  • Vacuum control
  • 3 programy zabiegowe:
Bio Lift MCT

Bio Lift MCT

The Bio Lift MCT program is based on McT microcurrents. rn

Made in Poland
- the highest quality

  • Touch screen panel control
  • Menu in Polish
  • Case made of antibacterial Corian®

Content of the kit

  • device
  • 2 treatment heads
  • funnel
  • 3 masks with vitamin C
  • power cable
  • User manual with warranty card

Technical specifications of the


20 kg

Measurements [cm]


Power consumption

150 VA

Output pressure

max 6 bars


Hydrogen generator



Manufacturer's warranty

30 months


hydrogen zastosowanie

Take a look
at the treatment

We have prepared a presentation to visualize the treatment and professional application of Medika devices.

Free, certified training
in the price of the device

  • The training is conducted by an experienced trainer.
  • At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate confirming their qualifications to operate the device.
  • We provide all necessary training and advertising materials: instruction manual, treatment questionnaire and full-size photos. rn
  • Post-training care - after the training you will receive the trainer's contact details. The trainer is at your disposal in case of any doubts concerning the procedure. rn
zdjęcie ze szkolenia maxmedik

we create innovation

Medika tworzy innowacyjne rozwiązania, nowoczesne technologie oraz gwarantuję wysoką jakość wykonania. Cieszymy się, że klienci darzą nas zaufaniem, a marka została wielokrotnie nagrodzona w różnych plebiscytach Polsce i na świecie.

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