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The device allows for precise application of makeup
on each area of the face

The latest professional Medika device allows for precise make-up application all over the face. The device is equipped with Precise Injection Counting (PIC) - a microprocessor that ensures a steady and uniform needle frequency releasing the same amount of pigment.

Thanks to the high power needle and frequency punctures we minimize skin injuries and bleeding and obtain even and smooth lines. Permanent Make-Up is a light and quiet device, which provides comfort of work and clients' satisfaction.

What is
permanent makeup?

makijaż permanentny

Micro pigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, can be compared to tattooing the skin. It is done to correct imperfections and emphasize the natural beauty. Permanent makeup involves inserting under the epidermis completely safe dye with the use of a disposable and sterile needle.

The most popular procedure is the permanent make-up of eyebrows, eyelids and lips. Currently, more and more often clients decide to have permanent eyeshadows or cheek blush, but the real breakthrough is medical pigmentation! It includes, among others, micropigmentation of breasts, scars, scalp, lips or vitiligo lesions.

Permanent make up


  • Sterowane mikroprocesorem PIC (Mikroprocesor zapewniający pracę igły ze stałą częstotliwością, dostarczając skórze tą samą ilość pigmentu)
  • Regulowana elektronicznie częstotliwość (w zakresie 60-150 nakłuć na sekundę)
  • Wyjątkowa precyzyjna pigmentacja
  • Zabiegi bezkrwawe, nisko inwazyjne
  • Precyzyjna, brak wibracji
  • Możliwość podłączenia dwóch głowic zabiegowych
  • Certyfikaty w UE
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Modular system

The modular system allows for the quick replacement of the needle and dye. When the handle is not connected to the device, the needle automatically retracts into the cover to prevent skin pricking.

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PIC microprocessor control

A microprocessor ensures that the needle works at a constant frequency, providing the same amount of skin pigmentation.

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2 treatment heads

The device can be equipped with TYP-S handle treatment head.

Excellent service
based on experience

  • Touch screen panel control
  • Menu in Polish
  • Case made of antibacterial Corian®

Content of the kit

  • Device
  • Treatment head
  • Cartridge Handle - standard head
  • Type S handle - acupuncture needle head (optional)
  • Power cable
  • User manual with warranty card

Technical specifications of the


4 kg

Measurements [cm]


Input power

0,6 W



Manual mode

parameters can be adjusted

Automatic mode

2 ready-made programs

Manufacturer's warranty

30 months

Three operation

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Automatic mode

As the name suggests, the device automatically adjusts its parameters to the treatment zone and suggests which disposable module should be used. Besides, it gives step by step instructions on how to prepare the client for the treatment. Dedicated to linergists who are just beginning their adventure with permanent make-up.

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Manual mode

Manual mode allows for manual adjustment of treatment parameters before and during the procedure. Dedicated to experienced linergists.

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Microneedle mesotherapy

Microneedle mesotherapy involves controlled skin injury through mechanical pricking of epidermis. This method is often known as the Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).


Plasma arc, używanie plasma arc

Free, certified training
in the price of the device

  • The training is conducted by an experienced trainer.
  • At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate confirming their qualifications to operate the device.
  • We provide all necessary training and advertising materials: instruction manual, treatment questionnaire and full-size photos.
  • Post-training care - after the training you will receive the trainer's contact details. The trainer is at your disposal in case of any doubts concerning the procedure.
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Medika tworzy innowacyjne rozwiązania, nowoczesne technologie oraz gwarantuję wysoką jakość wykonania. Cieszymy się, że klienci darzą nas zaufaniem, a marka została wielokrotnie nagrodzona w różnych plebiscytach Polsce i na świecie.

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